Welcome! Multyvac is the supercomputer of the future.

As a researcher, developer, or engineer, you can use Multyvac to run computationally and/or data intensive workloads.

Relation to PiCloud

Multyvac is the spiritual success to PiCloud, which was shut down after being acquired by Dropbox. It’s written from the ground up to reimplement many of PiCloud’s services and APIs, though users of PiCloud will immediately notice that there are substantial differences.

Goals of the Project

Multyvac seeks to achieve the following:

  • Provide the easiest interface to computing to empower the end user.
  • Offer a language agnostic solution because there are useful tools written in every language.
  • Support running compute cycles in public clouds, private clusters, and any computer you have access to.
  • Open source the clients, and more importantly, the server side.

These goals are ambitious, and will take time.